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Massage Therapy

Healing Ritual
Our signature massage encourages the body to heal itself from the inside out and will leave you feeling revitalized, energized and relaxed, providing a whole new healthier you for total body wellness.

This ancient Chinese technique uses pressure-points on your feet, hands or ears to restore the energy balance throughout the body. The alternating pressure patterns have been known to help with eliminating toxins, relaxing the entire body and stimulating the healthy function of internal organs.

Organic Swedish Massage
We start with pure organic massage lotion and add the classic Swedish massage technique that incorporates long fluid strokes of varying depth and pressure to enhance the body’s natural functioning. It improves muscle tone, circulation and joint flexibility.

Prenatal Massage
Therapeutic massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be. Benefits include relieving headaches and sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps, swollen ankles and sciatic pain.

Clinical Deep Tissue
This intensive form of massage is delivered by utilizing slow direct strokes which are used to eliminate muscle spasms and loosen up connective tissues alleviating chronic aches and pains.

Lymphatic Massage
Light, rhythmic strokes are used to improve the flow of fluid that helps fight infection and disease throughout the body. This massage technique helps clients maintain health and improve the beauty of the skin. It is also commonly used after surgery to reduce swelling.

Aromatherapy Massage
An Organic Swedish massage that uses specifically formulated blends of organic essential oils to soothe your mind and body. Your therapist will help you choose essential oils for your specific needs; the variety of the blends you create will penetrate deeply into the tissues and amplify the benefits of your massage, providing revitalization towards a balanced and more focused you.

Lava Stone Massage
Warm lava stones are applied to the body and massaged into the stressed areas of your body to create deep relaxation and revitalization of the body, mind and soul.

Skin Care Treatments


Holistic Organic Facial
Using organic fruits and medicinal herbs, this treatment will leave you with a naturally clear, balanced and healthy complexion. This treatment can be individualized for any skin type and includes a face, neck and shoulder massage to stimulate circulation.

Balancing Refresher
A perfect pick-me-up for all skin conditions, this refresher will give the skin a bright glow in only half an hour.

Purifying Facial
This facial effectively treats oily and acne-prone complexions while normalizing the skin to prevent future break-outs.

Men’s Executive Facial
A deep cleansing followed by a light peel and customized masque help alleviate shaving bumps and irritation while balancing and hydrating the skin.

Signature Facials

Anti-Aging Facial
Specifically designed for mature, dry, sun damaged, or prematurely aged skin, this powerful peel made with non-irritating vitamins and alpha hydroxy acid will repair damage and regenerate the skin. Results are dramatic and immediate.

Signature Organic Facial
Fresh fruits and vegetables are blended to infuse natural fruit acids to the skin, achieving a glowing organic exfoliation. Fresh herbs are combined to stimulate circulation and provide deep detoxification. The facial is completed with a cooling application of light whipped, chilled organic masques and moisturizers. This treatment leaves the skin glowing, toned, detoxified and firm.

Total Escape Facial
A hydrating moisture-lock facial is combined with an upper body treatment including essential oil-infused sea salt exfoliation and a marine fango mask. This multi-layered spa experience is designed to relax and restore.

This safe alternative to acid peels and lasers provides amazing results with no side effects. The skin’s top layer is gently but deeply exfoliated. The result is an immediate reduction in fine lines, hyperpigmentation and scarring, leaving your skin rejuvenated and smooth.

Enhance the results of your Microdermabrasion treatment by adding a pure vitamin C mask that will leave your skin plump and supple.

Therapeutic Body Treatments

Signature Citrus Lavender Body Scrub
Sea salts polish, smooth and re-mineralize the skin, while papaya enzymes soften and boost the skin’s natural moisture retention capacity. A veritable cocktail of natural botanicals including carrot oil, bergamot, water lily and lavender, thoroughly polish the skin, leaving it silky, soft and supple.

Exfoliating Sea Salt or Sugar Scrub
Mineral rich sea salt or natural crystallized sugar and aromatic oils are custom blended to smooth and silken the entire body. This scrub finishes with a dry body brushing and hydrating body lotion to smooth your renewed skin.

Ultimate Hydrating Wrap
A pure, natural fruit and vegetable pack and thermal wrap are used to swaddle your body and infuse your skin with moisture. A neck and scalp massage is included with this super hydrating treatment, followed by an application of an extremely rich hydrating lotion.

Revitalizing Treatment
Especially suited for those who have muscle soreness and fatigue, this body treatment will deeply cleanse and rebalance all skin types. After a light body brushing, the entire body is treated to a buffered glycolic peel followed by a nourishing seaweed infusion. This is the perfect treatment for a special event.

Signature Treatment Packages

Total Relaxation Package
Begin with an aromatic and therapeutic Healing Ritual Massage, designed to ease tension. As stress melts away, receive a soothing Spa Balancing Refresher Facial. This treatment is relaxing from head to toe.

Complete Rejuvenation Package
A Signature Citrus Lavender Body Scrub provides aromatic healing. Next, the Signature Organic Facial brings skin to a new level of healthy renewal. Finish with an Eye Treatment to revitalize the eyes.

Relaxing Renewal Package
Relax with a loved one in our special couples’ room. Begin with a customized massage to melt away the rest of the world. Then, receive a Classic Spa Facial to gently hydrate the skin for a renewing glow.

Men’s Revitalizing Getaway
An innovative treatment dedicated to the unique needs of men. Start with a deeply relaxing facial to restore and rebalance skin irritated from shaving, pollution and environmental impact. Finish with a deep therapeutic massage for complete stress relief.

Nail Services

Classic Manicure
Fingernails will be soaked, exfoliated, shaped, buffed, massaged and polished to perfection.

Classic Pedicure
Lower legs and feet are exfoliated, massaged and hydrated twice before polish application.

Aura Balance Hand Ritual or Foot Ritual
This aromatherapeutic journey balances the body and the mind and can be customized to relax, uplift, inspire or connect. Microalgae and mineral salt infused with Indonesian ginger will gently slough away dry skin. The aromatherapeutic properties of ginger are deepened with a full healing hand massage using a hydrating therapy blend of geranium, eucalyptus, frankincense or ginger and Chinese jasmine essential oils, aloe, shea butter, sesame oil, olive oil, avocado and vitamins A & E.

Men’s Sport Manicure
Cuticles and nails are trimmed, hands are massaged and hydrated, and nails are buffed to a healthy sheen providing professional look.

Men's Sport Pedicure
Lower legs and feet are massaged, and nails are trimmed and buffed creating a well-groomed appearance.

Hair Removal

A variety of waxing services that will leave your skin smooth and soft are available and are performed by licensed estheticians.

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